Now is the ideal time to try new bag closures

Don’t be stuck with only one option in bag closures. Our bag closures are easy-to-reseal after opening, and provide extra grip on the bag. Prevent your products from drying out, getting moist, getting stale and decaying with fitting closures that remain in place.

Most sizes and colors are available to ship today. Offering a choice in bag closures. Our bag closures run smoothly on most automatic machines. Clipps can be used to pack breed, snacks, and other food products. Our closures offer an airtight seal, that is both clean and attractive.

Receive a test reel today!

Discover the power of Clipps

  • Food Stays fresh longer
  • Runs on your automated equipment
  • 3 teeth for extra grip
  • Offered at a competitive price
  • Packed in quality boxes
  • Clipps come with friendly service
  • Ready to ship


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  1. Mark Hannen-Reply
    April 22, 2018 at 12:10 am

    Looking for samples, cost, and availability of ClipStrip plus clips for bread bag closure. Also, need application equipment cost, lead time, and speed information. Would like samples in white and orange color. Have a meeting in two weeks to determine direction on tamper-evident feature, with re-closability. Volume per year is several million. Thanks.

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